Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advantages Beyond Cosmetics Of Deep Canal Hearing Aids

1. Acoustic advantages: The deep canal aid fits deep within the ear canal which allows your ear's natural acoustic features to work their greatest efficiency. This improves the performance achieved by the instrument.

2. Elimination of the volume control: The special features of a deep canal aid eliminate the need for a volume control wheel common to most hearing aids.

3. Wind noise: A hearing aid contained completely within your ear canal reduces the problem of wind noise.

4. Sleeptime wear: The fit, comfort and reduced feedback of a deep canal aid makes it possible to wear during sleep. This allows you to continue to hear important sounds such as speech or alarm signals.

5. Less distortion: A deep canal aid produces greater real-ear output which means that less sound amplification is needed. This reduces the likelihood of sound distortion.

6. A fit for active people: The sureness of a deep canal aid's fit makes it ideal for use during exercise and vigorous work.

7. Less feedback: This aid's position close to the eardrum, secure fit, and minimal venting work together to minimize acoustic feedback.

8. Comfort: A shell precisely made from a mold of your ear usually results in a deep canal aid that is very comfortable to wear.

9. Telephones: With a deep canal aid, you will experience less acoustic feedback. You will also find that this instrument's deep fit helps eliminate the discomfort of placing a telephone to your ear.

10. Easy removal: The permanently attached cord and small size of this aid make it easier to remove from your ear than most in-the-ear instruments.

11. Appearance: This may be the most popular feature. A deep canal aid is virtually invisible when worn.

12. Circuitry: Because of the reduction in the size of electronics, today's deep canal hearing aids are available in 100% digital signal processing.


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