Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Consumer Website and Education Brochure

Better Hearing Institute, BHI, expanded their web site to include consumer information. In the past, they were devoted exclusively to professionals dealing with hearing loss. If you have never visited their site, I recommend you stop in and check out their content. Click here to visit there home page. Recently BHI published: Your Guide To Better Hearing. It is a comprehensive consumer guide to hearing loss. I highly recommend you read it! For your convenience, I've placed a link to the pdf file here. (It's a 32 page document that is about 3 mb's to download). In addition to offering the Guide above, BHI features a new 15-question hearing check that is completed and scored online for adults. It is a quick screening assessment to determine if you possibly have a hearing loss that should be evaluated further. Click here to visit the test page. I've also placed a link here (approximate size is 52K) for you to download the screener in pdf format. By downloading, you will be able to print out the test and review it without being connected to the internet.

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