Monday, June 7, 2010

Three levels of hearing aid technology

There are essentially three levels of hearing aid technology. We refer to these as analog, digitally programmable, and digital. 

  • ANALOG technology is the technology that has been around for many decades. Analog technology is basic technology and offers limited adjustment capability. It is the LEAST expensive.

  • DIGITALLY PROGRAMMABLE technology is the “middle grade” technology. Digitally programmable units are analog units digitally controlled by the computer in the office to adjust the sounds of the hearing aid.

  • DIGITAL technology is the most sophisticated hearing aid technology. Digital technology gives the audiologist maximum control over sound quality and sound processing characteristics. There are qualitative indications that digital instruments do outperform digitally programmable and analog hearing aids. Digitals are not perfect, but they are very good. Digital hearing aids have been widely available since 1996.

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